Profi Software Developer: Companies Worldwide Enjoy Our Professionalism

Our company provides mobile and web software programming services through timely tactics, role-based design, iterative development processes and best-in-class support.

What makes us different

We are a software developer that is known to be curious, competitive, fast, imaginative, witty, proactive and committed. We like puzzles. The harder the better.

Curving different disciplines makes us interesting and intelligent. We are hardworking people and strive for excellence in every detail. Engineers, designers and strategists are focused on developing tactical software solutions for large and small companies. Read more.

Working on our team is not just a job, but a passion for high technology.

Our Software Development service

We work with clients to offer a wide range of professional services.

We turn your design into fully-featured software that meets the highest standards of excellence.

  • Overall Performance Optimization

Developers create fast software that loads instances quickly and responds quickly to user appointments.

  • UX / UI

We optimize the availability and effective interaction of your software.

  • QA

Make sure that your software works perfectly in different user environments.

How we work

Our agency is a leading software developer with a strong reputation among IT companies, dedicated to providing a high quality service to our customers and creating IT solutions.

Since 2010, we have developed software development services. In our work, we use contemporary and powerful programming languages, including Java, Javascript, C ++, C #, PHP and native mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Involving specialized R & D and ODC centers, we have created a dedicated development team to handle your business desires or to develop software products from initial research to implementation and maintenance.

  • Why you should choose us

  • What makes us better

  • Professional Software Development

  • Development Center

  • Why this form of cooperation?

  • Long-term relationship

Why you should choose us

  • Complete Product Development Cycle

We help companies design, test, deploy, and renew the enterprise through a comprehensive software development cycle, beginning with evaluation and demand gathering. Specialized developers can also help you with your current product development and develop monetization strategies based on changing market needs.

Our company has workplaces and offshore delivery centers near the technology center in the United States. Virtual change and technology exchange, expanding the conviction of collaboration, undermining the limits of regulation and becoming developers to meet the global needs of our customers. We have a long-term business and growing internationally.

What makes us better

  • Quality-oriented delivery model

According to ISO 9001 quality control requirements, developers focus on the quality of development instead of transferring quality assurance to the final stages of the product lifecycle. The team follows defect prevention measures, combines testing and behavioral development to minimize duplication and time to market.

  • Data security

While system security software protects your corporate statistics from external threats, all personal information you share with product developers is protected by the NDA and protected by strong corporate rules.

Professional Software Development

Analysis plays an important role before development. At that level, analysts study the ideas and motivations of their software products, business processes, skills, and develop a plan to optimize the results of their software.

The development process is supported by time-proven methods such as Waterfall or Agile, which is very useful because you can periodically review the intermediate results and progress of the project and make any changes without any difficulty.

Customized solutions for all businesses and companies

From the first prototype to the finished product.

We translate your principles and specifications into business-ready software that meets the highest standards. From the first prototype to the final product, developers are fully responsible for the growth and management of the entire project.

Why this form of cooperation?

Custom software build models work best if you have a concept for your application or need some special features and functionality for the evolution of the business. If you are looking for a reliable partner developer to achieve this seemingly more daring and complex project then we are the right company to handle this task. Thanks to the agile team of technical coordinators and developers, we have the flexibility to adapt the creation process to all your company's needs to create first-class solutions that make it successful.

Collaborate Effectively

Developers will not let you know more information, it is not necessary. Involve as much or as little as possible. Our company is well equipped, well managed and fully compliant with your specifications, consistently creating the best products and we are happy to introduce you to the whole process, to inform you about each step and to implement the changes you need. This is the process of developing real Custom Reasons.

Use this knowledge

You need an app, but you do not have the time or ability to create it yourself? Let us argue. We have more than seven years of experience and extraordinary levels of understanding in the effective execution of software tasks. Our company follows many credible practices and developers write code for the best quality in the world.

Agile Method

Our developers are very confident with agile and lean technologies and are very talented when it comes to running Scrum. This allows us to better integrate with remote groups by providing first priority functionality, receiving timely feedback, and facilitating decision making when problems arise.

Professional Management

Get time on the calendar and shorten the time to market by providing programs for professionals. Finding and dealing with developers needs to spend a lot of effort, in addition to structuring and monitoring the technology. When we transform your specification into complete software, we can handle all of these steps. Of course, we always appreciate your participation - it depends on your participation in any discussion, idea or problem solving!

Development Center

A loyal development team can quickly form the remote IT department of your company, as well as analysts, designers, software program builders, QA engineers and project managers. You get a team of IT professionals ready to meet any challenge and provide the best solution for your business needs.

  • Coordinating group rights from the beginning of the project.
  • Not only do we need to remember the technical fundamentals needed for a precise engagement, but also the target environment of the product.
  • Establish communication procedures to keep you in touch with the remote team.
  • You save time and money on human resource management and knowledge acquisition.
  • Well-built quality assessment techniques and data and security frameworks.

Devoted creative team

Exquisite experience at your fingertips.

We got rid of recruiting and responding to the excellent software programmers. Set up a dedicated software building team and integrate new resources into your internal workforce as if they were people on a full-time basis.

  • Do

Expand your IT team now

  • Full control of the development and maintenance of digital products
  • Be concerned about recruitment and human resources

Why this form of cooperation?

This type of collaboration is best suited to work with an in-house development team and you want to increase your internal development team by adding additional features or resources. Ideally, you are looking for a team to work in the context of a larger project. You need a dedicated developer who can communicate properly with you and have the flexibility to manage new obligations.

Quickly gain great skills

By visiting one of the largest professional groups in the nation and a team of developers and other experts, we can gather or add a really good group of engineers in a week.

Preparation of flexible work

You communicate with your developers once and for all, assign responsibilities, and choose the devices and technologies to use. You can integrate your developers into the current work of your company and make them part of your meeting through video conferencing. You can also invite them to look for you in person, which can be a good way to strengthen your long-term cooperation.

Long-term relationship

Dedicated team employees serve you full time. As part of your long-term relationship, you will form personal contacts and strong business relationships. As our developers become more informed about you and your business, you can use their capabilities more accurately and in a broader context.

Non-stop developing area

In our company, we deeply absorb knowledge and share with others. We carry out specialized training to train computer literate graduates and support the ongoing learning of our employees through regular studies, education programs, conferences and skills development. We also organize common professional activities.

Technologies we work with

Our developers use modern technologies, including, but not limited to, the following list.

Front end

Our company produces state-of-the-art advanced products based on HTML5 and state-of-the-art JavaScript frameworks.

  • Language

JavaScript, ES2016, HTML 5, TypeScript, CSS 3

  • Library

D3, jQuery, Lo-dash, Require.js, Underscore

  • Brand

Foundation, Jade, Underscore,SASS, Stylus

  • Tools

Gulp, Webpack, Grunt, Babel, Browserify, Eslint

  • Architecture

ReactJS, Redux, AngularJS 1.x, AngularJS 2.x, Aurelia,Marionette, Electron, Cordova, Backbone

  • Testing

Mocha, Jasmine, Chai, Ava, Shino, Protractor

Development in Node Js

Our team has created a heap of web and desktop programs based on modern technology Node.Js and MongoDB.

NodeJS developers use the following advanced technologies:

  • Language and platform
  • Node.js, JavaScript, ES2016, TypeScript
  • Server
  • PM2, Nginx, Amazon AWS, Jenkins

.NET Programming

We design and build powerful .NET solutions based on the latest Microsoft technologies.

.NET engineers use the most useful and advanced technologies and tools:

  • Language

C # 5.0, C # 6.0

  • Application

WPF, ASP.NET, Windows Services

  • Cloud

Apprenda, Amazon, Azure, DBS, Rackspace, PostgresSQL, MS SQL, MongoDB, Oracle

  • Tools

RabbitMQ, Log4net, NLog,Quartz, WIX

  • Front end

JavaScript, ReactJS,HTML5, AngularJS, ORM, Entity Framework 6.0+, DevExpress, Telerik, NHibernate 3.3+, MongoDB.Driver 2.2.3

  • Library

Castle, Identity Manager, Ninject

  • Testing

FakeItEasy, Moq, NUnit, Ranorex

PHP encoding

Our IT company builds modern client server applications based on the PHP framework.

PHP programmers use modern technology to deliver high quality digital products.

  • Library

Composer, Ratchet, SPL, Fractals, Monologue, Broadway, Gu

  • Architecture

Cake PHP, Symfony, Laravel, Phalcon, Yii, Codeigniter, Zend, Slim

  • Integrated

QuickBooks, MailChimp, Google Docs, Authorize.NET, Stripes, Facebook Apps,Twilio

  • Data integration

PostgresSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Memcache, Beanstalk, Elasticsearch

  • Testing

PHPUnit, Taunt, Doctrine, Prophecy, Eloquent, Promote

Do not hesitate to share with us your project wishes. Our software developer company is using the wide set of technologies to answer your needs, and choosing the most appropriate based on the market analysis and the technical demands of the concrete project.