Outsourcing Applications Development: Mobile and Web Business Solutions

Our team builds high-quality apps for startups and world-renown companies.

What We Do the Best

We do not just provide outsourcing application development services, but we create products that people love. Look here.

Programming and Remodeling

In successful practice, developers have worked in a wide range of technologies and industries. So we have extensive experience in many areas such as medical software, e-commerce, stock funds, education and more and we become senior professionals every day.

Mobile App Design

Since 2010, our company has been involved in outsourcing app development, with more than 200 cases of custom software.

Web Development

Creating a web application and a website from scratch is something we are very happy about. Experienced programmers can handle as many outsourced tasks as they can.

Design UI / UX

The performance of the programm is very important. That's why a great creative team of creative designers is at your fingertips.

  • Native apps

  • Android Development

  • iPhone application development solution

  • Cross Platform Solution

Native apps

We've created over 200 native apps using iOS, Android, Wearable and Windows Phone SDK. Our team understands the needs of your company and offers a wide range of outsourced services, including the working out of better quality strategies. The best and most advanced native applications made by our developers make way for small businesses as well as world-renowned trademarks. The rich experience and great outsourcing skills of mobile app development come from well-known platforms, which in turn show us the ultramodern technologies that we are experts at creating the best solutions for you.

Android Development

We provide third party Android development services so you can embrace the broader audience of that operating system. With this mobile operating system and effective board growing in hardware manufacturers, our company has a great deal of technical and design know-how to extend the reach of native Android programs. We have first-line on-demand outsourcing capabilities, an in-house team of engineers and architects focused on developing Android applications. Developers work closely with you to ensure that you enjoy the best ideas of modern technology. The development team uses a systematic approach to design that integrates the proper functionality in the least amount of time.

iPhone application development solution

Our company has always been a notable name for outsourcing the iPhone program, serving many customers from different industries including retail, entertainment, sports, medicine and more. An expert iPhone builder understands your need to create the right application for your company. Whether you're getting a huge return on investment, entertainment or involvement with your customers, our company is good at putting your ideas into action.

Windows Phone for Business

The relatively new Windows operating system focuses on improving the user experience. Our outsourcing IT organization is advancing because it opens a new vision of Windows development with customer-focused awareness. Experts are familiar with hardware and software programs for Windows-based smartphones. Application creation is driven by a fusion of knowledge from XNA, Silverlight, and .NET Compact Framework 4, and as one of the top third party application developers in the United States, we understand the obligation to maximize UI layout development and significant functionality of the application. These future-oriented developers have loaded the experience required for programming Windows software with technologies such as XNA, J2ME, C, C ++, Silverlight and .NET Compact Framework 4, SQL Server, and Visual Studio.

Cross Platform Solution

Multiplatform generation caters to all mobile operating systems and allows programmers to write the minimum amount of source code. Our outsourcing software development organization has unparalleled expertise in building applications that use multi-platform tools and frameworks that work seamlessly in iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone environments as if they were already locally built. Our knowledge of cross-platform portability puts us at the forefront of the United States and the world.

Developers use the following framework to create an HTML5-based frontend:

  • Titanium
  • Ionic
  • Xamarin
  • Jquerymobile
  • Sencha touch
  • PhoneGap
  • UI / UX Design Outsourcing for Mobile and Web Applications

  • Web-based software

An important part of the application design is how to use the app and how a user will react. The user interface and user experience are indispensable in all software projects, especially on small mobile devices that often need to be available anytime, anywhere.

When the user interface and user experience are correct, your application will provide a smooth, intuitive, productive, and exceptionally high-quality experience for customers to use again and again.

We follow the proven strategy of creating designs for our customers:

Step 1:

  • Investigation
  • Understand
  • Analyze
  • Plan

Step 2:

  • Use cases
  • Technical analysis
  • Business process
  • Product specifications

Step 3:

  • User Process
  • Wireframe
  • Data Engineering
  • Data architecture
  • Concept of design

Step 4:

  • Visual design
  • Project UI
  • Verification
  • Project Quality Testing

We know how to translate the most important functions to attractive designs for the best user experience.

Our outsourcing companies have strong network programming skills based on new technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript as well as advanced technologies such as .Net and PHP. We already know a variety of frameworks, including AngularJS, Bootstrap and jQueryMobile. Developers can combine their strengths in new technologies with PHP and .NET to create network solutions of any size, length and area.


Javascript is a dynamic, object-oriented programming language. It is used to add activity and interactivity to the site. This is a client-side scripting language and is mainly used for the single code that needs to be done in the client's web browser instead of on its own server. IT specialists can use Angularjs, Node.Js, Backbone.Js, Grunt, Bower, CoffeeScript.

Benefits of outsourcing Javascript development

  • Customer Performance
  • Extended functionality
  • Fast wait time when executing requests on the client processor
  • Multi-functional, open platform

Angular JS

AngularJS is a framework for developing mobile and web applications based on HTML5. Allows rapid development of responsive Web solutions. AngularJS can now help you use the power of next-generation Web standards to make front-end development more efficient.

The tool provides features such as registry binding, dependency injection, composite, modular, and event-based architecture.

It allows developers to create hybrid mobile applications that can be downloaded and used on different devices. The ability to create web pages and compatible mobile applications using a single source makes this structure very popular. It has a rapidly growing community of builders and asset assistance from Google. Any structure wants these two additives to be successful (active communities and strong technical support).


Our outsourcing software development company makes extensive use of Wordpress to create information sites, governments, associations, startups, business websites, magazines and news sources as well as other industry-specific solutions. We have a comprehensive experience in building UI / UX layouts, responsive design and adaptive web sites with integration of custom themes, MySQL databases, custom CMSs, application search engine optimization functionality and all other features needed. We also can create user manuals, technical descriptions and specifications, implement QA and code review as well ass to add content and standard blog sections for WordPress based sites.

Hypertext Preprocessor

We have developed PHP web applications and back-end database servers for over seven years and have created server and site packages for any business and vertical area using the standard LAMP development environment. The in-house team includes experts on different frameworks, including CakePHP, Zend, and YII structures to quickly build large-scale network solutions. We combine HTML5 talent with PHP knowledge to create responsive sites. The company pays special attention to the PHP team and educates them continuously through technical education, knowledge sharing and performance testing.

  • Design, configuration, configuration and optimization of a multi-tiered server architecture
  • Linux Programming on Linux (Linux, Red Hat Fedora, Ubuntu)
  • Advanced MySQL Database Enhancements and Optimizations
  • In addition to Apache-IIS, Nginx and other Internet servers.
  • Public service deployment, stability and continuous improvement


As a third-party developer, we are an expert in .NET development and have been an accomplice to Microsoft for many years. For startups and world-renowned brands, we have a deep understanding of custom ASP.NET solutions using SQL databases. We have over 7 years experience in building websites using a variety of structures and tools, such as ASP.NET 4.5, Silverlight, Xamarin, WCF / WPF, Windows Azure, Crystal Reports, Entity Framework, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, ADO. NET, History.

The Advantages of .Net Programming:

    The Internet is a platform neutral in language

  • High degree of safety
  • Universal Runtime Engine
  • Easy to integrate with network providers
  • Best user experience
  • Environment


Our outsourcing development team is very professional in using Drupal CMS to create innovative solutions. We use the Drupal platform to develop many CMS (Content Management System) sites. We provide the perfect Drupal production strategy to fit your needs. Our team of web developers, designers and architects can solve a variety of tasks in Drupal. Whether it's full Drupal programming or just helping you create custom templates, the top outsourcing partners with the best knowledge in their class are at your fingertips.


Our team leverages the Kentico CMS portal and Visual Studio to develop scalable and scalable content management sites. Kentico is a Microsoft SQL and ASP.Net server-based system that enables the creation of Web content management structures, e-commerce stores, online advertising sites, online community sites, and the intranet. We also use the benefits of Microsoft Azure compatibility, as well as helping customers develop a cloud-based data solution using Kentico.

Blessing with Kentico CMS:

  • Smooth application platform
  • Lots of customization

On-site consulting

As one of the leading third-party software manufacturers, we have a solid understanding of the latest technology and can provide on-site consulting services and resources to complement your existing technology and business. Professional outsourcing teams adhere to corporate guidelines for each company. We have software developers, business analysts, project managers and quality assurance pros who can perform their tasks and realize any complex implementation. These features refer to the delivery of products to the end customer from the beginning.