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When it comes to iOS app development, we are a leading agency in the field. Using the most cutting-edge technology and finely tuned development methodologies, our development team provides our clients with premier services. Over 50 IT experts bring their skills and creativity into the delivery of IT solutions that leverage security, scalability and efficiency on iOS devices.

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Our team is poised to leverage our technical proficiencies with your deep understanding of the challenges and complexities of your business to make you a leader in your industry. Our iOS experts are ready for whatever new idea or challenge, so call us today or send us a message to discuss how our IT knowlege can work for you.

  • Bespoke iOS App Development

  • What Features?

  • Eye-Catching with iPhones

  • Productivity with iPads

  • What Features?

  • We Collaborate

Bespoke iOS App Development

A bespoke solution is one that is tailored to meet the particular needs of a specific client. Our app development agency continues to assist clients from a wide array of technical and commercial backgrounds to progress forward in the digital age and help their businesses go mobile. Regardless of the unique obstacles each market faces, our team is experienced in problem-solving strategies to develop real solutions that bring real value with every project. Our focus is always on our customers and finding the best way to empower them, their employees and their clientele to operate in the 21st-century economy.

What Features?

Our iOS app development team is experienced with and ready to implement:

- Push notifications that reach your clients whenever you have something to share

- Built-in reservation and payment systems for easy transactions

- Social media plugins to help you build a cross-platform brand

- Digital scanning technology for barcodes and QR codes

- Standard iPhone technology, such as messaging, cameras, audio, geolocation and more

And that only scratches the surface. With regular updates from Apple, new devices and exciting new ways to leverage built-in technology coming out all the time, our team is ready to build and innovate in whatever way you need.

Eye-Catching with iPhones

Think of iOS devices as potential representatives of your company. First impressions matter, and proper strategies result in your brand being represented in wonderful, exciting new ways. Our team can work to deliver an application that maintains and promotes the image and message that best matches your company, while simultaneously adding features and functionality that will draw your audience and:

- Keep you and your customers in touch 24/7

- Refine and promote your brand and reputation with high-value content and offerings

- Share the latest news and updates about sales, promotions and other opportunities

A well-designed app with a fresh look, robust functionality and enticing interface is sure to turn heads and transform casual users into a loyal client base.

Productivity with iPads

iPhones have revolutionized the market, but their small size and limited capabilities have left much unused potential. Fortunately, the iPad has opened those doors, and our iOS developers have learned to build stunning iPad tools that compute complex calculations, reports and data to streamline your workflow and empower your business. Our team can:

- Automate standard, time-consuming processes

- Surveil remote operations and properties

- Formulate work plans that maximize staff potential and efficiency

- Build instruments for safe, swift sharing, storing and processing of data in real-time

Let our team show you how to use the endless possibilities of the iPad and iOS platforms to your advantage, cutting time and costs, improving on how you complete everyday tasks and helping you to grow.

What Features?

The primary difference between the iPhone and iPad is the screen size, but this doesn’t just mean larger pictures and text. The iPad’s size makes it a perfect tool for analytics and managing multiple functions at the same time, even allowing users to run two programs side by side. Some of the other exciting iPad features our team can use in your app include:

- Background mode

- Wallet

- Data protection

- The iCloud

- Gyroscope

- Accelerometer


- Push notifications

This is in no way an exhaustive list, and if you are interested in learning about the many other things an iPad can offer, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for more information about iOS development features.

We Collaborate

With several departments working side by side on every project, our teams are used to lots of back and forth internally, but where we excel in our industry is our ability to do the same with our clients. Your project will address your needs and match your company. We thrive on your input in understanding what you want and need so that we can show you how to achieve it. We also take the many lessons learned from past projects to show you how others have reached their goals and how you can reach your maximum potential too.

Our development company works with you at each stage of the process, providing results and looking for feedback. This is known as the “agile” methodology of development and has proven itself extremely effective at delivering the best end result for everyone involved. The Agile process is marked by:

- Close collaboration with the customer

- Tangible results

- li Rapid time-to-market

- Flexibility in implementing changes

- Reduced risk

With your input, we can guarantee not only to meet, but to exceed your expectations.

Designing User Interfaces (UI) and Improving User Experience (UX)

Apple thrives on design and offers tremendous tools and devices for programmers and designers to capitalize on user behavior. Whenever we start iOS app development, we keep this in mind to find a happy medium between your business identity and Apple’s reputation for security and stability. That extends from establishing a color palette to typography to button placement and beyond until we feel we have found the perfect solution. But aesthetics are not all we do, and our design and development team places a lot of value in the navigation and intuitiveness of each design, studying your target audience, their habits and what they appreciate in their mobile applications. Our developers use a number of tools that cut time and the need for repetitive code to ensure each project is done with the highest quality and speed possible.

The Retina Display

Apple has brought HD to mobile platforms in a big way with its Retina display, a feature that combines high resolution with high pixel density (over 300 pixels per inch). We take full advantage of that to create visuals that pop on these high definition displays in sleek and stunning design. Your app’s text, icons, images and other elements will always look crisp and smooth, regardless of where they are displayed.

Cocoa Touch

Our iOS application developers use Cocoa Touch, a digital development environment. Cocoa runs on two core frameworks: Foundation and Ulkit, and it uses high-level programming interfaces to create animations, networks, behaviors and the overall look and feel of a native app (all while requiring less code development). Technically speaking, Cocoa Touch allows iOS app creation using Objective-C runtime, Cocoa graphical control and Model-View-Controller (MVC) software architecture.

Interface Builder

Interface Builder is an editor from the Xcode IDE that allows developers to create graphical interfaces with elements like tabs, labels, buttons, etc. without the need for excessive and repetitive coding. Cocoa Touch takes these developed UIs and links them with other code when each app is run.

Writing Code

Developers on our team are some of the industry’s most highly skilled. We use the latest versions of Apple tools, iOS SDK and Framework to translate your ideas into working programs, implementing the newest innovations to continually improve quality and enrich your software with diverse, valuable features.

The first major milestone of every project is creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). An MVP is a working version that showcases the core functionality of a project and is ideal for testing and beating your competition to market. In creating and further developing each MVP, our teams write robust code and continue to test and improve on each layer of the design.

Updates to Xcode

Xcode is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Apple for creating and testing for iOS and Mac OS and is widely used by our developers. The latest versions of Xcode have significantly reduced the time development takes thanks to addressing a number of runtime error issues, further speeding up the process and bring your app closer to a reality. Xcode allows developers not only to design, but to test and debug to remove problems like memory corruption and bugs before they manifest themselves in later stages, as well as to use the iOS SDK to broaden the possibilities for feature-rich applications.

Programming Languages

Apple has run on Objective-C for nearly three decades, but they have recently made the jump to the new Swift language. iOS developers can still use Objective-C, an offshoot of the C language which is object-oriented and has laid the foundation for so much of today’s technology, but there is a large push towards greater use of Swift. Swift and Objective-C are similar in many respects, with Swift further extending Apple’s reputation for security and stability by making code more concise and resilient to errors. Fully versed in Objective-C, our developers immediately saw the writing on the wall with Swift at its launch in 2014, and quickly learned and adapted to its many nuances, now operating systems that can run both Objective-C and Swift simultaneously. And if that’s not enough, our developers can use the Xamarin development environment to take iOS applications onto other platforms as well.


Coding requires extensive resources, for which our teams uses software libraries that follow fundamental structures called “frameworks,” which are essential in simplifying and streamlining the process for any developer who has no desire to reinvent the wheel. As members of Apple’s development program, we have full access to all iOS frameworks used for iPhones and iPads, among which are:
  • Accelerate.framework
  • CoreData.framework
  • CoreLocation.framework
  • EventKit.framework
  • MapKit.framework
  • MediaPlayer.framework
  • Security.framework

App Thinning

App thinning is an innovation from Apple that helps optimize your presence on the App store for multiple devices. As Apple continues to grow and release new devices and updates, there are numerous versions of an app required to be truly 100% compatible across all iOS platforms. Rather than redeveloping and resubmitting every time, app thinning allows you to update and rework your application to have it operate smoothly for every user, reduce download times, and significantly improve user experience with features that trim the fat off of every aspect of your project’s ongoing support and future updates.

Quality Assurance

Our QA department follows development at every step of the process to ensure all standards and guidelines are followed to the letter. Our proactive approach means we save enormous amounts of time that would normally be spent debugging by identifying and removing any bugs as soon as they appear. Our continued testing by experience software experts means that your application:
  • Meets all your business objectives
  • Has the same great look and feel on all iOS devices
  • Navigates easily and intuitively
  • Performs all functions freely and efficiently
  • Maintains security and stability
  • Doesn’t crash

Follow-On Support

Our role never stops with development, and we make certain our clients can always rely upon us for support and maintenance on any project. Success breeds success, as well as more demand, and we are always ready to take your company to the next level with upgrades, additional projects, new features and much more.