Designing iPhone Apps

Our company specializes in the design and creation of iPhone and iPad applications that take advantage of the extensive capabilities these devices give to their users. Made up of a talented team of experts in designing iPhone apps, we have been in the business of developing innovative, robust, secure applications for over six years.

Bespoke iPhone Applications

Our B2B and B2C design agency with a focus on delivering fully tailored applications to businesses so that they face face their own unique challenges and excel in their industries. That means our mobile design agency never takes a one-size-fits-all approach. It means we never give our clients features they have no need for. It means our app development company has never had an unsatisfied customer. We design to fit you and your company - its brand, its culture, its strengths. There are no templates, because we create and design each application to have its own visual and brand identity.

How We Can Help Your Go Digital

Designing mobile apps that attract new customers, mobile software for iPads to streamline your workflow, or iOS applications to further grow your business are all well within your reach, so let us show you the way!

Our mobile application designer team can assist you to:

  • Reduce overheads
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Improve internal and external communication
  • Generate new revenue streams
  • Small, local business and multinational corporations alike find success with our bespoke mobile solutions for iPhones and iPads.
  • Competitive Prices

  • The Agile Methodology

  • User Interface (UI)/User Experience (UX)

  • Animation

  • Aesthetics

  • Layout

Competitive Prices

Every project is different when developing mobile apps, ranging from $20k for a very basic application to millions of dollars for the most complex ones. On average though, first-time app projects tend to cost somewhere between 40 to 50 thousand USD from start to finish. These are just estimates, and the best way to get a true feel for what your project would cost is to get in touch for a free consultation with our team. They can work with you to find a solution that fits your budget and still meets your business goals and our standards for excellence.

The Agile Methodology

While each application may be unique, we do have some constants, and chief among them is the methodology we follow in iPhone app creation. The Agile methodology is an iterative and flexible process that relies upon open lines of communication and constant quality assurance testing to allow us as developers to follow or amend plans rapidly, while allowing you as a client to offer input and request changes without upsetting workflow, all while eliminating major technical drawbacks by immediately identifying and eliminating bugs and excess. Our agile methodology works best with active participation from our clients, and our developers invite you to always share your feedback and ideas, because that ensures your satisfaction with the final product. Combining your understanding of your company, our development expertise and the wealth of technology available to us are a surefire path to success.

User Interface (UI)/User Experience (UX)

Successful application removes instead of creates obstacles for users, and doing so requires special attention to UX and UI when designing applications. Well-placed and visually pleasing layouts, intuitive flow and smart functionality are critical to a software’s success among users. Each target audience is different, so our mobile development company determines the best course of action by:
- Using the device’s latest technology
- Conducting extensive market research
- Leveraging your understanding of your company and customers
- Educating our team iPhones continue to be produced and transform into a wider array of screen sizes, resolutions and capabilities, but our professional app designers create apps that seamlessly transition across Apple devices with loss of quality or content.


Digital technology offers opportunities unavailable in traditional methods, and moving from static to vibrant, animated visuals is a good way to forge a connection between users and your iPhone app. A good way to quickly show users your app is something serious, animations can also increase user engagement and make your app more intuitive.


Your brand is more than just a name, and we study and recreate the visual essence of our clients’ brands with each application. Picking the right font, color pallette, icons and images to build an aesthetic experience is an often overlooked, but important element of designing smartphone apps that last. Style is important for Apple, and it is something that Apple users appreciate, which is why we adhere to the same three design concepts as Apple:
- Clarity
- Simplicity
- Depth


Even the best designed elements fall flat when not properly organized. That is why our team works to create a layout that works well on multiple iOS devices, ensuring that smooth transition that users appreciate and making them more likely to use your app, as it gives them more freedom to operate when, where and how they choose.

The Latest and Greatest in iOS Technology

iOS is known as the most secure and stable operating system for smartphone technology on the market today, making it a great choice for professionals seeking to take their businesses mobile. Beyond that, Apple is known for being on the cutting-edge of mobile technology, updating its platforms several times each year and releasing new devices and methods for using them all the time. Our team appreciates how important it is to stay informed in this rapidly changing environment and follows all the trends to keep up with the latest versions of Apple technology and the instruments used in iPhone app design.

Programming Languages

All of our iOS developers are fully proficient in Apple’s two programming languages: Swift and Objective-C

  • Swift is a relatively new Apple programming language. It was released in 2014 specifically for iOS developers. Unlike C, it has no all compatibility constraints, which makes programming easier and more flexible.
  • Objective-C was the primary language for designing iOS software solutions before Swift’s release. It provides a dynamic runtime and object-oriented capabilities. It has evolved to support blocks and modern language technologies.


Xcode is an Integrated Development Environment(IDE), which is a sort of digital workspace to build and debug iPad and iPhone applications. Xcode is a great instrument for reducing development time by simplifying much of the process and protecting against human and machine error with automated tools that constantly check for bugs and memory corruption. That guarantees you a quality end result in a fraction of the time it would take without Xcode.

Interface Builder

For anyone not proficient in Swift or Objective-C, Xcode might not offer the clearest picture of what the final product will look like. However, while Xcode deals with everything under the hood, an interface builder is where we put together visual elements, like buttons, sliders, tabs, labels, etc. without the need to tediously write code for each of them, saving even more time on development.


So much of modern technology relies on the trailblazers who came before. Frameworks are fundamental software libraries that have become industry standards and keep developers from having to start from scratch every time. As members of Apple’s development program, we have full access to all of the frameworks they offer, ensuring consistency, quality and further reductions in development time.

Frameworks are very versatile, but also very complex. It takes a savvy expert to make the most of them, but our softwares have the know-how, which means they can keep the same level of performance and:

  • Simplify program code to run faster
  • Cut download times
  • Include more functionality
  • Improve design and development efficiency

As shown, using frameworks cuts development time and time to market. Some standard frameworks include:

  • Ulkit: Ulkit helps developers take a blank canvas and use Ulkit’s extensive customization tools to transform it into a powerful and dynamic application that works across iOS devices. Ulkits puts three primary elements into applications:
    • Navigation bars
    • Views of primary content, such as text, graphics and animation
    • Reactive elements to prompt behaviors (i.e. buttons, switches, progress indicators, etc.)
  • Apple Pay: Apple Pay is a built-in iOS framework used to conduct secure, private transactions, a must-have for anyone wanting to do business through iOS devices. Users can use the iPhone’s Touch ID to authorize payments and provide companies with contact information.
  • HealthKit: HealthKit is useful for any application that relates to health and fitness data on iOS devices. While often seen as a work-out feature, HealthKit has been instrumental in many healthcare professionals creating applications that monitor and improve well-being in a safe, private manner.
  • Social Media: Social media frameworks exist for all the major social media outlets, which means creating a cross-platform application that allows you and your users to share content and sign-in with ease.

Many other frameworks are available, and we have found creative and innovative ways in which to use many of them to tackle the challenges our clients face. Our mobile app development company has gathered leaders of the industry in iPhone app creation, and they are ready to take your business ideas and turn them into tangible business ventures.

Quality Assurance

Quality is king, even in the mobile world, so you must make certain that everything runs smoothly. Errors in applications are killers, because they instantly frustrate users and lead to a loss in credibility for your company’s mobile presence. Fortunately, we know this and takes every step possible to avoid this pitfall by predicting potential problems at the beginning of every project and conducting continued testing at every stage to identify and eliminate bugs at their level before progressing forward.

Our quality control means we guarantee our clients an iPhone application that:

  • Meets all your requirements
  • Looks great across iOS devices
  • Performs well at high user volume
  • Adheres to all industry guidelines and standards.
  • Support and Upkeep

Our team is ready to help you at whatever stage you find yourself. We offer free consultations to assess the viability of ideas becoming successful business apps and answer questions about the software development process. We have years of experience under our belt and are happy to pass that knowledge on. But our assistance doesn’t end when we pass your project on to you. We offer full support for any company that wishes to continue growing, updating, upgrading, and integrating new features into the iPhone app after launch.

After hundreds of satisfied customers in numerous industries, we have gained the knowledge and the skills that we need to ensure every project we take on is a success. Our iOS experts are absolutely ready to collaborate with you on making your idea into a reality that cuts costs, improves efficiency, and has you seeing great returns on your investment and implementing a tailored smartphone application. Get in touch with us today and receive a quote for your future app solution to make your business go mobile.