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A mobile app that always let electric fence owners know if their fence is alright

One of leading providers and suppliers of electric fence equipment approached to us to develop a mobile app for iOS and Android platforms for their customers who can’t sit at home. The app provides better access to their products. It allows viewing real-time and tracking historical data of the electric fence voltage. Push notification feature alerts users if there are any electric outage or drop in fence voltage. Thus, users always now their fence conditions.

Find your perfect home with simple and intuitive mobile app

A real estate app that makes the search of property as easy as pie. Integrated geolocation and abilities to chose the area and housing requirements help users to find their perfect home. We used phone call capabilities to streamline interaction between buyers and sellers, while social media integration allows sharing attractive offers with family members and friends. Property can be categorized by house materials, city regions, price, the number of bedrooms and many other criteria.

Eat restaurant food without leaving home or office. Pick! Order! Pay!

Food delivery is getting more popular, and one of forward-looking restaurant decided to simplify their customers’ life with a web app that can take an order in two clicks. We created an app which provides users menu and price information that can be easily modified with the integrated content management system. Users can not only view menu and process orders, but also pay for their orders online. Adaptive design makes web app good-looking and intuitive on any device from smartphones and tablets to laptops and PCs.

Make maths easy with automated equation solving

An Israeli research team wanted to develop a PhoneGap app for automated solving of scientific equations. We used LATEX, a programming language for displaying formulas, and PhoneGap framework to develop a cross-platform app that search and solve equations. The app can easily read both mathematical symbols and text and provide step by step solutions. Robust functionality makes this app useful for students, engineers, and scientists.

A powerful web app for analyzing audience preferences

Our company collaborated with a TV-broadcasting company to create an analytical software tool that visualizes presentation of stats on TV audience reach and preferences. D3.js data visualization library helped us bring data to life with HTML, CSS, and SVG. Such software tool helps TV-programmers and advertisers analyze data connected with audience reach in interactive graphs and charts visually showing what TV channels are more popular among the audience.

A healthcare mobile app that help you take control over your diabetes

Managing diabetes requires awareness. People with diabetes should constantly control blood sugar level rise and fall to live a normal life. Our app development company cooperating with our customer created two apps for diabetes management. One is a Diabetes Minder, and another one is a Diabetes Pregnancy Pal. Both of them are available on Apple App Store and Google Play. Users can view their data about diabetes type, blood sugar level, and appropriate medications in a dynamic way in the form of charts and graphs. They can also set goals such as required number of tests on blood sugar level per day.