Apple iOS Developers Can Generate Value for Your Business

When Apple launched its first iPhones in 2007, many were skeptical about just how long the fad would last. Nearly a decade later, mobile device usage has surpassed desktops and iOS users are relying more and more on their smart devices for everything in their lives, including the way they interact with businesses. Professional Apple iOS developers are creating new applications at a rapid pace, and companies wishing to be a part of this boom should not wait to get started.

Apps for iPhone and iPads

Since their release, iPhones have undergone extensive changes, evolving into successively more powerful machines that equip their users with endless possibilities. The introduction of iPad and its successors has continued this process, and today the practical uses of these devices in everyday life grow and grow. There is an enormous demand for app developers who can stay up-to-date with all of these developments and continue to find innovative ways to push the boundaries of what companies and their customers can do, simplifying and automating processes, reaching and promoting to new audiences, and bolstering the security and quality of transactions with customers.

Advantages of iOS based solutions

iOS products offer distinct advantages to modern professionals. High-resolution screens foster stunning visuals. Built-in hardware like recording devices, global navigation systems, gyroscopes and software like scheduling, messaging and payment systems provide a versatile set of tools to expand upon and give support to your customers and employees in ways traditional businesses cannot.

  • The Difference Professionals Make

  • Proven Methodologies

  • Client-Developer Collaboration

  • Error Correction and Problem Management

The Difference Professionals Make

The rate at which iOS technology is changing requires professionals to constantly be educating themselves about the latest capabilities and advances of multiple devices and OS versions. Fully grasping the nuances in application design and development is a full-time job in and of itself, which is why we offer our services to companies looking to enter this evolving arena.

Our specialist staff are well-versed in the best practices and standards of our industry, knowledge about user behavior and expectations, and fully equipped with the tools and expertise to take any idea from a concept into a completely viable, yield-returning application in Apple’s App Store. With years of experience behind us and a portfolio that spans numerous industries, we not only possess the technical know-how to create great apps, but we know how to build solutions to the realities that companies faces in reaching their short and long-term goals.

Proven Methodologies

Our mobile app development company has agile, finely-tuned methods that our iOS developers apply to every project we take on. Our approach guarantees the best results in the shortest time with the greatest level of customer satisfaction. Our record speaks for itself, and our development team enjoys a number of long-term business partnerships today that grew from one original development projects. These companies have come to rely on us for our professionalism, creativity and focus upon delivering the types of measurable results that matter to our clients.

Our flexible approach allows us to using time-saving and cost-saving measures to provide premier services at rates that businesses of any size can afford. Our portfolio includes diverse projects and clients of all sizes, and our smartphone development agency is committed to approaching every project, regardless of size, budget or complexity with the same dedication to flawless quality and complete customer satisfaction.

Client-Developer Collaboration

We place no expectations on our clients to have any background in a technical field, and our iOS developers work closely with them in removing any confusion at each stage of the process. We offer full transparency on the inner workings of our development process to our clients, and we provide regular updates in the form of easily understood and reviewable deliverables through continued, close communication. Client feedback drives our work, and we don’t just expect input from them - our IT firm encourages it!

Error Correction and Problem Management

Our Apple iOS developers conduct extensive quality assurance testing at every stage of a project to ensure it meets not only the App Store’s high standards of quality, but our own. This includes quality of code, user experience, adherence to industry standards, and much more. Our programmers also have a flexible approach to our working structure that lets us change course at any time based upon customer input, permitting us to make substantive adjustments at any point in development without making substantive changes to the project budget and schedule.

Tools of the Trade

Professional iOS developers rely upon a wide array of programming tools and software to complete the complex tasks needed in the creation of an application. We have access to the best tools on the market today, and we use them to reduce our development times and costs while still delivering the same level of quality that our clients expect from us. The integration of these premier instruments allow us to compete on a solid footing with leading development agencies from around the world - the one percent whose applications account for over 90% of all profits that pass through the App Store. Keeping up with these heavy hitters can prove challenging, but our company manages doing so with their knowledge and skillset.

The Languages of iOS

From the launch of Macintosh decades ago, Apple has relied upon the Objective-C language for the creation of its software. The first requirements for any iOS developer have always been a developer’s license that grants them publishing rights and other privileges from Apple and full proficiency in Objective-C. However, that changed a few years ago with the introduction of Swift, a simplified, more flexible version of Objective-C that Apple hopes to use to gradually phase out its predecessor. Our programmers have seen the writing on the wall, and since Swift’s introduction our mobile agency has required all our iOS specialists to be proficient in both Objective-C and Swift, which we now favor for its ease and simplicity.

App Development Platforms

Modern programming has advanced far beyond its origins, and today many designers and developers use advanced instruments that allow them to make changes not only by changing source code, but also by interacting with graphical interfaces to run and update a model of the project as they work. The primary such tool for iOS is Xcode, an environment for developers that is further bolstered by other programs like Cocoa Touch. The use of these and others expands the possibilities of where programmers can take their projects, and even facilitates better porting of iOS applications to other mobile operating systems, such as Android or Windows for phones, cutting the time and resources needed to expand across new platforms.

Third-Party Tools

Different projects call for different resources and types of development, sometimes beyond the scope of what Apple offers. The most common such tools that our iOS experts use in the building of mobile applications are:
  • Unity
  • Marmalade
  • Corona SDK
  • Adobe Air
  • PhoneGap
  • GameSalad

Converting Apps into Capital

Every project begins with an initial assessment of an idea’s viability, both on technical grounds and the realities of the App Store market. We don’t believe in letting anyone throw their money away on an application that isn’t going to bring them any return on their investment, and at the early stages we offer our insights from years of doing this to companies, who in turn offer their own extensive knowledge of how their business is conducted and what needs and realities need to be addressed. This back and forth at the beginning means every project we take on is primed for success. By the time any solution is launched in the App Store, our smartphone development agency has both completed the technical process to develop an impressive application to achieve all our client’s objectives and offered every assistance possible to inform and prepare that client for how to best manage the release and ongoing management of their app.

Advanced iOS Creation Services

Our team consists of more than just Apple developers and designers. We have experience marketing and monetization specialists who understand how to create winning strategies to get the word out about an application and convert the large user following that it gets into a solid customer base for any business. As iOS is an evolving operating system, we are also able to provide extensive follow-on support to keep applications up-to-date with the latest trends and advances in iOS technology, as well as keep them safe from security and performance-reducing risks.

The iOS Development Team You Need

Our staff are our greatest strength, and we understand that without our clients our mobile development team couldn’t have achieved the many successes that have brought us to where our iOS app creation company is today. Our emphasis on people is what makes us special. It leads us to invest heavily in our staff and making sure they are leading experts in their fields and passionate about the work that they do. That emphasis leads us to work closely with each client to really listen and understand what they have to say, so that we can deliver an end product that leaves nothing out, and may even help them achieve their goals in ways they never thought possible.