App Developers Who Deliver

Our clients understand the value we bring and the innovative methods our app developers utilize to reach new markets and pass the competition. If you are interested in building an application that fuses high-powered functionality with great design and that your customers, employees and partners will love to use, then we can help you do so in a way that fosters profit and productivity.

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Our Expert IT Team

Our tech-minded staff is more than a collective of talented programmers. Beyond developers, we have designers, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) testers, business consultants, marketeers, financial specialists and experienced managerial staff, all who work towards making each project a success in every way.

Our project managers act as liaisons between our clients’ ideas and the reality of technical possibilities, taking discussions, brainstorms and comprehensive research of business goals and culture to structure logical pathways to realizing each application that leave nothing to chance. Taking those roadmaps that the managers draft, our developers adhere to those principles as they create apps for iOS, Android, Windows and other platforms. Web applications and websites are also well within the scope of our app developers’ abilities, as they are well-versed in a wide array of the high-level programming and markup languages used on the Internet, such as Java, JavaScript, PHP, HTML5, and others.

Regardless of what the app developers use to build each project’s architecture, our UX/UI testers work through each component to ensure the smoothest flow and greatest intuitiveness is included to make each application or piece of software the most attractive and user-friendly version it can be. Throughout the process, the quality assurance department tests each program for bugs and identify and address any issues in the early stages, sparing everyone from the headaches of wasted time and energy later.

Development doesn’t mark the end of our involvement, and we offer full support during and following the launch of any product, as well as consultations to answer any questions and address any possible concerns our clients may have about implementing the best digital marketing strategy.

What People Say About our App Developer Team

“... I could feel we were working with the professionals who highly value their relationships with customers. They constantly asked for our feedback and offered their suggestions...”  - Simon Harper, Co-Founder of LOD.

“What we like about this app design company is that they understand the commercial importance of our ideas, and we are working with them as a long-term partner.”  - William Miller, Technical Director of myCompany Clothing.

“These guys believe that your success is theirs, too. That is why, throughout the whole development process, I was sure that we were going to succeed. And I was right!”  - Timothy Cooper, Managing Director of Placid Casual.

Business-Oriented Bespoke Software

Developing any mobile application takes time and resources, which is why the best investment is to have a project done by professionals. Identifying and collaborating with expert app developers opens doors to lucrative, high-quality results unavailable otherwise.

Our team tailors each app to meet the unique brand and need of the client, because well-designed bespoke software:

  • Provides security and flexibility in the management of your business.
  • Allows you to adjust to new market forces with upgrades to existing software infrastructure.
  • Is molded to fit the way you and your colleagues work best to enhance, not hinder, productivity.
  • Improves workflow and reduces error with numerous instruments that bolster your workforce.
  • Reduce overheads, saving you on licensing fees and cutting out the other costs of third party software.
  • Native Apps

  • IOS

  • Android

  • Windows

  • Web Apps

  • Hybrid Apps

Native Apps

A craftsman knows to always choose the best tool for the job, and sometimes that means building a native application. Native applications are built for particular platforms and take advantage of all the specific features and technology of a device. Native app development takes more time than other types of development, but guarantees the highest quality in the end result.

Our programmers and designers are capable of building such applications for multiple operating systems, and are dedicated to continued development, rigorous testing, and fine tuning until they deliver the exact premier product your company needs and deserves.


In the world of digital marketplaces, Apple has secured a position and reputation at the top. Known for the security with which they maintain usable, high-quality gadgetry, many businesspeople have turned to Apple as a staple for modern workplaces, as well as the average Apple customer, who, on average, tends to be more affluent than users of other operating systems. That combination makes for a trusted and lucrative market in the App Store that continues to grow globally. Our iOS app developers know the Apple audience, what they expect, how they spend and how to reach them over the white noise fierce competition creates on iOS devices. Let us help you to navigate the App Store’s strict guidelines and use the advanced technology Apple continues to build on to you advantage in a fully functional, powerful application.


Where iOS excels in wealth, Android wins the numbers game. With more users than any other OS, Android’s massive user base offers plenty of opportunity to capitalize on a well-designed application, and our Android app developers can show you just how to do it. Less restricted than the App Store, Google Play struggles with quality, not requiring each app to meet the same rigid requirements before becoming available to customers. As Android OS is available on a variety of devices with different screen sizes, resolutions, and capabilities (compared to iOS being limited to only Apple products), many developers optimize for one device and leave a number of dissatisfied customers on other ones. That is never the case with us, where we pride ourselves on consistent performance and quality across platforms, operating systems and devices. That means your Android users will be completely satisfied, from Sony to LG to HTC to Samsung, and beyond.


Windows phones hold a strong third position behind iOS and Android, and they hold a solid share of the market. Windows has introduced a number of novel innovations and is currently the fastest growing OS in Europe. Because of ease of compatibility with existing PCs, Windows is also popular in the business community. Work with us and we can show you how to take first place among your competitors in the Windows Store.

Web Apps

Some parts of operating a modern business require tremendous amounts of processing power, like managing large databases, computing complex calculations, analysing all the factors of an economic forecast, etc. Those processes are beyond the power of a mobile device, or even a single personal computer, needing external servers to run smoothly. Our app development team creates web-based applications that utilize these remote servers and make that functionality available to clients through web browser interfaces. Such apps bring a number of benefits, include secure access to your data resources from any location, allowing your business to go anywhere that has an internet connection.

Hybrid Apps

Sometimes the best of both world is possible with a hybrid app. A hybrid app is similar to a mobile app, except it adds many features of a web app, available in app stores for download, but relying heavily on external servers to run many of its operations. Hybrid apps are often designed to work across numerous devices and operating systems, so they require more nuanced development to meet the many diverse criteria. Fortunately, the app developers at our company are fully equipped to tackle such challenges.

Your Role in App Development

Using mobile technology in commerce is no longer just for large corporations. Today mobile device and internet access have become so universal that small business owners can benefit just as much as international brands from their use. The goals are usually the same: reach and inform customers while promoting your brand identity to build a loyal customer base. So, while the advantages are clear, what are the steps you must take to get you there from an idea?

Set tangible goals.

A clear vision is always helpful, so answer some key questions.

  • What do you want out of this app?
  • Are you addressing a specific issue?
  • How can it promote your business?
  • Who is your audience?
  • Will this app create a dialogue between you and customers, or do you want a more unidirectional flow of information?

Choose a platform.

Different operating systems and devices require different skills and offer different advantages and disadvantages. Mostly you will decide upon this based upon your existing or desired customer base and choosing whichever platform best matches their needs. Regardless of which you decide upon, an experienced development team will know how to use the latest trends and features for each one to maximize efficiency and reach.

Establish a core.

There will be layers of functionality in every app, so it is important to determine which layer will lay at the heart and guide development. If you work in retail, it may be an online shopping mechanism. If you work in tourism and hospitality, it might be an instrument to book accommodations and tours. It may also be something completely different, but whatever it is, you must understand it from the beginning so that app developers can create something that will direct traffic towards your main functionality at every point.

No one knows you better than you know yourself. And that means you are the best judge of what matches you, your business and the message you wish to send your audience. Good app design comes from working with a designer to refine the image you want to share with the world.

Of course there are a number of technical steps that need to be taken by the developer team, including nuances and refinement to make any app fully ready for launch, but in our hands, you can trust that your project will bring you the success and return on your investment you are looking for by taking your business mobile.

App Development Cost:
Dollars and Cents

One of the most common questions we receive is how much each project costs. The general answer everyone offers is that each project in unique in its scope and other important factors, leading to a wide range of prices (anywhere from $20,000 to over $1 million). On average though, our projects tend to cost around $40,000 to $50,000 dollars for everything from concept to launch. But the best way to familiarize yourself with the real costs of development and how to fit an application into your budget is to talk with us.
  • Get in Touch Today!

If you are ready to start you project, all you have to do is get in touch with us. Our app developer team is filled with seasoned veterans who have worked with clients in different industries from across the board and have shown them the way to integrate new technologies into their business to cut costs, expand efficiency and raise returns in numerous ways. We know apps and we understand the people who use them. Let us bring our expertise to the table with yours to design and develop the perfect application for you and your business needs.

This isn’t just work for us, it’s our passion, so reach out to us to transform your ideas into a reality now.